Meet interesting people working in hospitality

Cowork together, know each other during the lunch

We will be 4-8 people, so don't expect any large event

Bring your laptop like it would be your usual day working from a café


📅 May 29, 2024

📍 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

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What type of people join these cowork sessions?Senior people working in hospitality.Attendees are involved in the hotel industry, vacation rentals, hospitality software, coliving, glamping, MICE, and coworking.

How does the day look like?We meet at 9:30 and make a quick round of intros.It usually evolves into interesting discussions. Then somehow naturally, people connect to laptops to work on their stuff.We meet at places where they serve lunch. We eat around the same time, and it's a great opportunity to discuss more.Afternoons are usually more productive. Spontaneous discussions occasionally occur as we all sit and work around one large table.Some people usually stay longer, for 1-2 beers after work.

Where are these cowork sessions happening?We typically choose nice hotel cafés like Zoku (in the pictures above) or Casa.They provide a good environment for work, serve drinks, and have lunch options.

I have scheduled calls during the day. Can I still join?Absolutely! The venues we host these cowork sessions have plenty of areas for having calls.

Can I come and leave any time?I highly recommend coming on time for the intro session.It's awkward to come later and ask others to introduce themselves again. Feel free to leave any time.

I hate networking events but this sounds fun!This event is designed for people who hate networking events.Because they are usually a waste of time.That's why we meet in a small, curated group, and the whole day is designed around coworking. So you stay productive while meeting interesting people from your industry.

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